Monday, October 3, 2011


October 3 2011
Well I have been off birthcontrol now for about five days. Expecting to start a period soon which would allow us to start the IVF cycle. Impatiently waiting! Once it does come I get an exam and baseline blood tests. Then I start all the injectable medicine. When I am on the shots (for about 14 days) I have to have ultrasounds and blood draws about every 2 to 3 days to monitor the progress of the growing ovum. If and once they reach 18-20mm they will give me a shot to ripen up the eggs for retrieval. The next day I will have surgery the eggs will be taken out and fertilized. They will monitor the fertilized eggs progress for 3 days to make sure they are healthy and having good cell growth. After three days if they are still healthy 2 or 3 will be put into my uterus where hopefully they will attach on. I will know two weeks after that if they are growing. I will keep this updated per appointment for those that are interested!

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