Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exictement then dissapointment (this seems to be a reoccuring theme in infertility!)

Erg! So the super excitement of earlier has now given way to bitter sadness. I had called the doctors this morning informing them that my period had finally started...made the appointment to start the IVF treatment regimen, get all the bloodwork and ultrasounds going. Appointment set for three tomorrow so excited! Then doctors office called at around 3 and said that the embryologist that will be responsible for caring for my eggs and making sure they fertilize and grow properly is going to be gone for the last two weeks of this month right when I was going to need him! So now I have to go BACK on birth control and wait for ANOTHER period to come NEXT month!!!! Some of my meds will expire by then wasting about five hundred dollars and now I will have to order more and wait for them to come. I didnt want to do this in November or December for fear of running into this exact same problem due to the holidays but now I do not have a choice. I got work all figured out for this now Ill have to go back and rearrange all of that. Its so frusterating I have been preparing for this for since April and now its pushed back a whole more month. And I know that doesnt seem like a lot but it feels like an eternity more of waiting since its been such a long time coming. I hate this!!!! I hate that I have to conceive around 6 other peoples schedules and not my own body's schedule the whole thing is just so ridiculous!!!!! Ok done complaining now.


  1. I hope you don't mind me asking, but why do you have to be on the birth control in between your periods?

  2. I know it totally seems stupid to be on birth control while youre trying to get pregnant but there is a reason! I have whats called poly cystic ovarian syndrome which means I have several small cysts on each ovary at any given time. Each month without birth control they swell and get bigger but dont actually have eggs in them. They block the follices that would produce eggs so really I hardly ever release eggs. On birth control they shrink a ton so when I am finally able to do ivf the healthy egg follicles should be the ones that grow. Also ivf meds are really detrimental to a pregnancy to the doc has a liability to make sure you arent preggo before doing ivf.