Friday, October 28, 2011

First IVF day

Update!!! Had my first treatment appointment today. Ultrasound showed several new ovum recruits about 10 on each ovary that will be able to be stimulated to grow. The doctor is optimistic that we will get several to work with. Starting shots tomorrow...kinda bummed that they all have to be intramuscular though and be put in my bum. Trial embryo transfer went good he knows exactly where to best put them in now. Lining is still thick but should decrease cause this is only my second day of bleeding. I am excited because I got my period only a day after stopping bcp usually I have to a week or more. Blood work all where it should be. The only bummer was that I had a bit of a reaction to some of the prep solution he used and got all swollen down there and got high blood pressure and a fever. Had to be monitored for a little bit but it quickly resolved and was lucky that it didnt happen on surgery day or the cycle wouldve had to be canceled. Going back to the doctor on tuesday next week to get a lidacaine wash to remove any buildup or retained endometrial tissue so that the baby embies have the best chance of implanting. And another ultrasound to see if my follicles are growing in a timely manner and more blood work

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